"The Dure Family"

where life begins and love never dies

                                                                     Welcome To The Dure Family Website

                                                Caring, Loving, Inspires and Encourages Family Bonds and Ties

The Dure Family Site was created with a mission to help  bring the whole family together no matter where the person lives on earth, keeping the line of communication between family members easier than ever before and sharing family history, life experience, culture, family tree and genealogy information about Mr. Dure, meanwhile providing family support and counselling in all aspect of life. The idea behind putting up this site together is to keep everyone in touch by exchanging family updates and sharing photos, ideas, and event announcement like wedding, birthday celebration, eid celebration and many more.....

Check out the site by browsing around. Remember to become a member of the site if you believe to be the true descendant from the Dure family or a friend of someone who descended from this family. As a member, you will enjoy cool features like instant messaging known as IM messaging, blog.. writing quick notes, sharing thoughts, photos and videos and many more to come. It is free to join the site as a member.

 We come to realize that, more than ever, many people access internet through their phone web browser. Fortunately, we have the site available in mobile version. 

 We hope you enjoy our site and find it informative and inspirational. Come back to visit us from time to time. We are always open to suggestions on how we can improve the site so if you have any ideas, please don't hesitate to email us and let us know

For members,  you are highly recommended to post your own blog includes family updates( new born, marriages, death, birthdays, schools, and many others) and personal interest, read and comment others' blog. it is you who will make this website more attractive and interesting to our visitors. Don't be left out of the conversation. So share everything. I dare you have to something to say, so pour your thought in to it and let others see them. Finally, thank you for being a member of the Dure Family. Remember that you are dearer to us than anything else no matter where you at. encourage your family members to establish some kind of family support system which ties families together and helps build strong family relationship.