"The Dure Family"

where life begins and love never dies

Who are the Dure Family?

Well, Mr. Dure plays an important role in the foundation of the Dure Family. His paternal lineage is Dure, Ambar, Abkow, Jumaale, Issa, Buraale. No information is available about his maternal lineage on his mother side.

 Mr. Dure was a merchant trader in the world of trading business. His typical routine allowed him to pass across the lower and middle juba province in somalia to get to his destination. There was a small village known as Hawal Munyo located in middle juba. In that village lived by Musliimey Aden Isack. He met her and wanted to get to know her better. Eventually, Mr. Dure finds his soul mate and married with Muslimey Isack in Hawal Munyo village. They later moved and reside to a nearby village known as Mobleen Tawata. Their intention was to live there and grow their own crops. In that farm, they grew a lot of coconuts and mangoes and several other crops. Together, they were blessed with three wonderful children named Mohamed Dure Ambar, Hassan Dure Ambar and Faduma Dure Ambar.

After having the three chiildren, they decided to leave that town and move to another town within the middle juba province known as Mobleen. The reason of their move has to do with a friend that lived in mobleen village. His name was Abtiyow. Mr. Dure and Mr. Abtiyow were two best friends. Upon their arrival to the village, Mr. Abtiyow welcomed them with open hand. There, comes a time of drought, famine and scarcity of food. Mr. Dure and Mr. Abtiyow decided to go together to the other side of the lower juba province to find food for their family. At that time, there existed an Italian owned plantation that has banana trees. In the house where the two temporarily stayed, there the owner's wife tries to poison them by putting NPK fertilizer granular in their food which is very harmful for human. the poison was meant for the banana to help grow or fertilizer. Unfortunately Mr. Dure ate the poison food first- it was too late by the time he realized it. But he warned his friend not to eat the food which has been poisoned.

 He made a special request to his friend which is “to promise him to raise his children as his own children“. He said, “with this poison in my body, I don’t think I will make it tomorrow“. Mr. Abtiyow promises him to fullfil his promise. There, he died couple days after leaving the nuncupative or verball will. His dead body was taken by the tribe of mobleen- he was burried at that village. After his death, the three children that have survived respected and treated his friend as their father until they reached adolescent. As an inheritance, Mr. Dure left behind a land of farm in Mobleen Tawata village that had coconut and mango trees.

The Dure Family is comprised of the children of Mohamed Dure, Hassan Dure and Faduma Dure and the children they had their children including grand children and so forth.

 Mohamed Dure is the oldest child of Mr. Dure, then Hassan Dure and the youngest is Faduma Dure. As being the oldest child in the Dure family, Mohamed Dure has been the main source of the family's economic stability. He understood the important of serving his family in anyway he can. He married and divorced several woman for the same reason. he is known as the man that like to share what he earns with his brothers and sisters but most his wife did not like that. He had a daughter named Faduma known as Faamey Mohamed Dure with his wife Arbey Hassan. His last wife before he died was Batula Iidow.

 Hassan Dure was married to Batula Mahadi Muow originally from Mobleen tribe. Together, they had twelve children where some of them died while others are stil alive. their names are; Megeney, Megen, Hawa, Ali, Faduma, Abdow, Mohamed, Isha, Kusha, Halima, Salah and Muslima. Megeney (first child) died as an infant, Faduma died at the afe of 14, Abdow died at the age of 7 and Muslima died at the age of 2. Among those that are alive, Salah is youngest child in the family. He also married Batula Iidow after the death of his brother. She had Omar Hassan Dure. Omar Hassan have a sister from the same mother. Her name is Amina which she is known Aamo. she was married to Mr. Farrah Weheli, which she had two children - Faduma or Faamu Farrah Weheli and Abdukhadir Farah Weheli. she later got divorced and married to Mohamud. together they had Sidali Mohamud.

 Faduma was first married to man named Mr. jiirawo. She had one daughter with him. she was named Hadija jiirawo. She later got divorced and married to Mr. Ambure Mudey which she had two sons for him. their names are; Abdi Ambure Mudey, the older one and Sidali Ambure Mudey, the younger one. He divorced her and latter get married to Ali Arwa. For him, she had Ismael, Mohamed and twins- Madina Ali Arwa was one of them. Mr. Ali divorced her while she was still within her 40th period of birth because of the two female twins. The twins- one survived while the other one died as an infant. Faduma later died and the children she left behind were adopted by her mother- Muslimey Aden Isak and her brother, Hassan Dure Ambar. When Muslimey Aden Isack died, she was buried in Mobleen village with happiness. After she was buried, the responsibility was taken over by Hassan Dure Ambar until his death.

 Alhamdulilah, the Dure family is now bigger than it was two generation back and expected to spread through out the globe. we encourage everyone who falls under the Dure lineage either paternally or maternally to become a member immediately and invite others to join.