"The Dure Family"

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Questions about Mr. Dure

  1. Who is Mr. Dure?

    Mr. Dure is the grandfather of the children of Mohamed Dure, Hassan Dure and Fatuma Dure. The children that these children born are his grand - grandpa and their children thereafter, as many generation as could come till the end of the world.

  2. What is the paternal lineage of Mr. Dure?

    The paternal lineage of Mr. Dure is  Dure, Ambar, Abkow, Jimmaale, Issa, Buraale. 

  3. Did Mr. Dure ever had a friend? if so, what was his name?

    Absolutely, Mr Dure had a friend. Mr. Abtiyow and Mr. Dure were true friend. They were friend for long time until one of them died.

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Making your Family Tree

  1. What is a family tree?

    A family tree is a chart of information that shows the relationships of family members over time. They show family connections between individuals, consisting of the names with marital and parental connection lines.

  2. How do i make a family tree?

    Start by recording what you already know about your family members. This includes father, mother, your maternal and paternal brothers and sisters, your grand parents on both sides, uncles, aunt, step brothers and sisters,

    Ask your relatives about other family members, this will save time and effort searching for records. the more detailed your family trees is the better it is. so gather information as much as possible. 

    You can create your family tree and store information manually using note books, index cards and files or by using computer software.

  3. What does genealogy means?

    Genealogy is '(the study of) a person's line of descent', or A record or table of the descent of a person, family, or group from an ancestor or ancestors; a family tree.

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